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Dec 1, 2012 4:15pm EST
as a public service by your television providers. >>> next from the georgetown university law certainly in washington, d.c., a discussion on the supreme court. it's about an hour ten minutes. >>> hello, everyone, want i want to welcome you to the program which features an al star lineup of authors who will be doing the most recent book on the supreme court. i'm a professor here at georgetown. and executive directer of the supreme court institute. it's a real privilege for the supreme court institute to host this event, and i'd like to thank our deputy directer dory burn seen to putting it together. before i turn the program over to our moderators, i'd like to remind thearch after the program, we have a reception following in which you'll gate chance to have all your newly purchased books signed by the authors. have a word or two with the authors, hopefully, and as you can see, we have food and beverage, so please stick around after the program. with that, i would like to introduce our moderators. today for today's program tony morrow. tony needs no introduction at all. i'll keep it shor
Dec 1, 2012 9:00am EST
public space from march to marketplaces to shops, although the law does not mention the word women, muslim, bertha or bail it was introduced by president nicolas sarkozy and a ban on muslim veiling which according to him imprisons women and threatens french values of dignity and equality. the new law makes illegal the barca but france is the first country to enact a full ban on the burke that in public space similar restrictions of being considered all over europe and many countries in regions that adopted some type. on april 28, 2011, the chamber of representatives of belgium voted for a similar ban although the law expected to be challenged in a constitutional court. in spain in 2010 the catalonia and assembly narrowly rejected a proposed ban on a burke got in all public places reversing an earlier vote. similar laws are in progress in italy as well. in switzerland after a campaign designed to appeal to fears of a muslim takeover, a popular referendum voted by 57% to ban the construction of minarets associated with mosques, despite the fact that very few mosques in switzerland ac
Dec 1, 2012 11:00am EST
". then professor anita hill, professor of social policy of law and women's studies at brandeis university and author of this book, "reimaging equality: stories of gender, race, and finding home". welcome to you as well. [applause] >> and hanna rosin is senior editor of the atlantic and founder of double x, the women's section, and author of "the end of men and the rise of women," hanna rosin, welcome. >> we start with a couple minutes from each of you. a brief summary or a story from the book that you think best encapsulates the ideas you are presenting in these three great works. let's start with madeline kunin. >> thank you very much. great to see what there and to be here with my sister authors. what is next for women? my career, my political life really started with low women's movement in the 70s. we had great expectations, some of which have been met. the very fact that women today represent 60% of undergraduates, you see your friends, daughters, granddaughters becoming doctors, lawyers, things my generation couldn't do. women are in the work force like never before, and the traditi
Dec 1, 2012 10:15am EST
is guilty of violating them. i assume most of you know this but i want to be clear. the law is extremely protective of the free-speech rights of college students. extremely protective. obviously of free speech, period but on the campuses in particular the case is coming out of the 1970's. the supreme court was very clear that the universities cannot restrict even highly offensive speech on campus. this is very clearly established there's been over a dozen legal opinions and challenges to the campus speech codes over the past several decades and every one of them has been successful 65% of campuses the three injured 92 campuses that we surveyed in the most recent study maintained speech codes that are either unconstitutional and public colleges or private colleges violate that initial promise of freedom of speech. we've been able to a speech code of the month since 2005 on. we've done it every single months and we are in no danger of running out of the codes and that is outrageous given that the public colleges these are all unconstitutional not even a close call but i will give you an ex
Dec 1, 2012 12:30pm EST
reenforcing so you have more political inequalities that generates laws and regulations that leads to more economic inequality and political inequality. a -- an example i could find, something like bankruptcy law, something very technical that no one is interested in, one provision of the bankruptcy law is that when you go bankrupt, who gets paid first? a big issue. the answer is the derivative. not a surprise because they put it in when anyone else is not noticing who pays attention to bankruptcy laws? what does that mean? it means you encourage that kind of economic inequality. at the other extreme student loans can't be discharged even in bankruptcy, so that means the banks do well, but it really discourages people borrowing for student loans and in a country where we have tuition going up the last three years, average state university up 40%, the cutbacks in state budgets, incomes are going down, the only way people can afford it is borrowing and then they realize they get cheated as a lot of them have been, particularly in the for profit private schools, the result of that is if you d
Dec 1, 2012 3:00pm EST
of that debate i respectfully suggest are thousands of pages of laws and regulations that are unlikely to forestall another financial crisis in the future. indeed, government rescues of large insolvent firms coupled with substantial compensation that c e os and senior managers of failed firms manage to keep for themselves means that once the economy returns to a semblance of health incentives to take non economic risks may be even greater than before. opening constructive dialogue in these issues will not be easy given the current atmosphere in washington but would seem well worth the effort. thank you. >> thanks, tom. alex, would you like to operate few comments? >> thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to comment on tom's very interesting and very useful book. i said that having been a practicing banking executive. overbearing ceo? i was a ceo for 14 years and i wonder if i was overbearing, surely not. tom, in his book, sites frank night's risk and uncertainty and profits, deservedly famous work from 1921 and i consider tom's theme to be how to address the reality stated by
Dec 2, 2012 12:15am EST
battery life. you can have a different law again for your kids and when you do again for that they do not have access for all of your e- mail and all of your duties. they have access to their own goodies and to the degree you allow them to do i mean by that is maybe i will let my kids play games hour today and they can read all day if they want to. one of the candle does beautifully is it is the reader it is out of asthis wo is not simply an e reader to do not let c13 full year but it has features of a computer you can download search the internet and so much more here >>host: by the time. and i are off the air at 2:00 a.m. and the third of a quantity will be gone and believe me we tried to get as many as we could so i know if you miss the story this is a encore presentation. we only found out about this on thursday and when i say it is literally off presses and if you have your bo your heart set on america's favorite tablet this is it. you can watch all of these things online you can do shopping searching internetsurfing the internet watch movies read books you can do so much
Dec 2, 2012 6:00pm EST
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Dec 1, 2012 9:30pm EST
cabin. established a law practice in a log cabin and slowly worked the way up and became a successful lawyer in georgia lee that and got involved politically ran for congress. served for eighth terms and
Dec 1, 2012 8:00am EST
law changed from state to state to state providing for universal white male suffrage, which took the vote out of the hands of the property owners and gave it to the barbarians as john quincy adams would say. >> john quincy adams deal with clay and 1824 -- was that ethical by the standards of those days and maybe even retrospectively by our standards? >> it certainly was ethical in those days. obviously he took a lot of flak for it, but the choice in his mind was to turn the country over to a barbarian who couldn't write his name who had violated the constitution during the war of 1812 and had gone into the massacre of the seminoles, doing whatever he felt like doing. he did not want to see this and president. >> at one point in the book you describe him as a bit of a grow. do you think you would like him as a person? >> yes. [laughter] >> if there's some time travel involved. >> all of us are grouchy at times. he didn't suffer fools, and so he would be grouchy. i was grouchy last night when romney said we have fewer ships today than we had in 1917. i was grouchy when obama said s
Dec 2, 2012 7:45am EST
own law. this is one of my favorite things. we should have a show called favorite things >>host: this was my host pick. this brings music back into the home. i paid $50 for a lesson for my daughter. she had played by and the lighted 1 forever she was bored but at the same time she was able to learn the proper instruction. i would still recommend lessons as well. sometimes hard to get to the lesson it because you have a soccer game or your other kid has a soccer game. we have maybe 200 or 300 left. keep calling on yours. aaron berger is sticking around with the samsung computer. [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: is is a looking computer my friend. i am >>guest: so excited to offerc13 computer! this is >>host: samsung windows 8 it is a jack up computer. dual core speed with a 500 gb hard and 4 gb ram.c13 is loaded with a high-definition webcam. you have your cd ed dvd burner. this is your last to read this up for the year. to grab -- this for a gift.$70 off the price and free shipping and handling to take bids of. 5 flex payments of $105.90. [reading] v i >>ho
Dec 1, 2012 7:00pm EST
, but the watershed event was then president nixon signed into law, created the environmental protection agency. one of the first orders of business that the epa was to be in a series insecticide starting with ddt and including all of its other cousins come in many of which were toxic as ddt. that domestic income of the ban on the use of those in this country went into effect in 1972, where they began phasing them out. it is to bet that person didn't live to see that, but she didn't get i like to think of her in this photograph taken by her friends come in the freeman family who live next door to her in maine on the shoreline of southport island in maine about may 255 probably. it's one of my favorite photographs of her. she looks very content and very much someone at home in an environment and at home in the world and at home and her role as an author, a scientist and ultimately somebody who would change the way we think about things. i think that is a good place to stop and take any questions you have. >> anybody have any questions? [inaudible] >> the question is why was the book called "silent sp
Dec 2, 2012 3:00pm EST
label all of your inputs. if you put this in your mother- in-law's hand and you say you want her to put it the gaming mode or puts the input button and then through all the selections with the arrow and that is all there is to can name every one of your inputs which i think is a wonderful feature.customize the look of your tv with your picture mode. there is a but n the top that will enable you to do and movie and [c etcd pc etc. utton >>guest: lookout is adjusting the leds in the background and is giving you more brightness in the and more to the bridge details in the blacks. you can pop it on the dynamic mode and enjoy color like you never seen before on the big screen tv. all the different methods edger fingertips and i touched one button to access that and is that simple and easy.3 hdmi inputscompleted into every want to. it is not only about the quality and the sound but the size. yes >>host: indeed girlfriend! [laughter] qr app rating from the 30 to end 50 in. going to 145 times largepercent larger.-- if you aregrading >>host: tv and i purchase 32 in. 720 p lcd tv and i
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13